BridgeGate Integration Suite

BridgeGate offers a comprehensive software platform that integrates data quickly and inexpensively, with virtually no code.   The BridgeGate Integration Suite handles and transforms data from any business system, in any format, and is  capable of data integration projects of any size.  BridgeGate’s unique and patented technology allows companies and organizations to experience the benefits of visual interface driven integration without sacrificing scalability and performance at runtime.

With BridgeGate’s Integration Suite you have a rapidly deployable, robust and reliable integration platform. Our simple user interface and a solution that requires virtually no code makes complex integration projects quick and easy to deploy.   This is important because integration projects require an in-depth knowledge of both your data and your business. The people who have the best understanding of the business meaning of your data may be business analysts, not programmers. BridgeGate’s intuitive interface allows business analysts to define the data movement between systems. With real-time data movement from all of your existing systems, business analysts can concentrate on:

  • Developing better rules for facilitating business decisions
  • Performing advanced business activity monitoring and exception alerting
  • Gaining competitive advantage through better visibility to data

With products that encourage collaboration across the enterprise, BridgeGate reduces costs, speeds time to results, and scales to handle any enterprise data integration project.


BridgeGate Integration Platform Capabilities  

  • Any-to-any data integrated/transformed with patented technology
  • Virtually codeless solution
  • Rapid implementation with iterative testing approach saves development time
  • Existing technology investments can be connected and leveraged
  • Scalable and extensible — solution grows with your organization
  • Robust plug-in capabilities
  • Significantly improved visibility of information with management dashboards
  • Auditable chain-of-custody of data
  • Alerts, notifications and error resolution
  • Web services enablement – enables information exchange among various applications on a web services platform, in conformance with industry specifications and web services profiles.
  • ESB Enablement – supports a variety of systems, secures and encodes data and facilitates communication across the enterprise
  • ETL – extract data from outside sources, transform it to fit your operation and load it into the end target or database
  • B2B integration – extend enterprise boundaries and have full e-business integration with customers, suppliers and partners.

BridgeGate synchronizes all integration processes and adds an intuitive business rules engine with a management dashboard, effectively helping turn volumes of data into actionable information upon which better decisions are made. This combination of a robust integration solution and an intuitive business rules engine delivers a low cost implementation, a reliable information flow and an integration platform that can nimbly adjust to changing business conditions.


BridgeGate Integration Platform Features 

  • Data transformation – our solution extracts data from any file, message or document, regardless of the format, and transforms it into a format that works for you.
  • Active data hub – our integration platform is built around a continual data and event database that captures all data and business events contained in all systems linked into it.
  • Data-oriented integration – BridgeGate provides the data-oriented integration mechanisms for the overall integration framework, and is entirely driven by your unique business rules.
  • Data exchange – enables you to easily exchange data with all of your business partners, and all parties can access any structured or unstructured data, convert this data to other data formats, and quickly deliver data throughout the enterprise, thereby streamlining your operations.
  • Alerts – our platform incorporates your business rules and provides users with alerts, notifications and exceptions.
  • Management dashboard – at the click of a button, any data that is integrated with BridgeGate can quickly be consolidated into a dashboard summary for better analysis and exception management.
  • Privacy and security – our platform encrypts or masks sensitive data so it can be safely replicated to other systems for testing and training uses.
  • Data archive – safely archive huge data volumes and be able to easily access that data when needed.
  • Identity resolution – quickly reconcile and address errors in data entry or variations in fields within identity data records.

BridgeGate Integration Platform Benefits 

  • Improved information management — better data helps your staff make better decisions
  • Rapid implementation of all integration initiatives – cut your development lifecycle by 50-70%
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower total cost of ownership for all integration projects
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface helps non-technical staff integrate data
  • Improved data security


BridgeGate’s CIO discusses platform capabilities