Healthcare Modules

As a part of our BridgeGate Health™ solution we now offer new, very focused integration and interoperability products that facilitate compliance with industry standards and automate processes like billing and claims, insurance enrollment, and eligibility.  The new doctorsproducts help healthcare organizations to migrate to HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 and future standards while lowering the costs for health insurance companies in the areas of plan enrollment, eligibility, billing and claims.

Each product comes with robust integration capabilities that seamlessly transform the complex data passed between the systems of healthcare providers and payers.  BridgeGate integrates any data format such as traditional EDI, XML, HL7, NCPDP and other structured and unstructured data.  With BridgeGate, companies can extend the life of their existing systems, integrate their new systems and meet the challenge of migrating to new standards and efficient processing of healthcare information.

BridgeGate Health™ Integration Suite includes new products that automate the exchange, validation, transformation and cleansing of data transactions between healthcare organizations.

HIPAA Compliance Framework
Billing & Claim Module | Enrollment Module | Eligibilty Module